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Who liked Oregon's uniforms last night?

Who liked Oregon's uniforms last night?

if you didn't watch the bcs championship game last night.. this is how they looked like.. carbon fiber helmets.. supposedly 25% lighter.. sponsored by nike of course

I dig 'em.
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
I dig 'em.

thys.. ^
easily the best uni's in college!

Must be nice having Nike HQ near by.
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The helmets are definitely cool.
They could have won if they weren't trying to play in Hulk Hogan's boots.

I liked it all but the socks.

The NIKE inspired helmets are awesome.
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I thought they were pretty cool
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I only like the helmet
I thought they were ugly as hell. The yellow socks and yellow shoes made it look like they were wearing rain boots.

Helmets and gloves were sick. Jersey was okay. Loved the fluorescent green socks and shoes.

I've always liked Oregon's uniforms though.
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bad ass..sweet ass helmet all the way down to the bright yellow shoes
by far the coolest helmet ive ever seen
The helmet was sick, the rest i thought was ok, i hated the socks. To me the best unis were Virginia Techs that they wore the first game against Boise St. The digital camouflage numbers and the flat black helmets were friggin dope!
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