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Gruden to coach Miami

Originally posted by teeohh:
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Originally posted by excelsior:
Can someone explain to me why a former NFL HC (and a successful one) who would be coveted by a number of NFL teams would want to coach at the college level?

Several reasons actually - he will have more power, more control (ie. he can shape up the roster the way he wants) he will get more respect from players, more love from the fans, better job security AND he will make same amount of money.

If he is able to bring the Miami program back to where it was in the 90s - he will be a legend there.
He likes kids!
I don't think this happens
This guy is overrated anyways.
Originally posted by 190836:
It seems like we can forget about Gruden, its all over twitter that he is going to Miami.!/search/John%20gruden

There is zero percent chance Gruden coaches Miami
Why hasnt this thread been deleted yet?
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