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2012 PAC 12 Champion Stanford Cardinal Football/ Rose Bowl Thread

Oh s**t!!

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Sneaky little Ducks. This is going to be a great game!!
Oh snap.
goddam onside kick shannanigins
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You guys should look in the Oregon Ducks official thread

hey this helps a little bit after the giants lost huh?

Better than I could've imagined! It's okay we'll get those stupid Padres tomorrow and then 49ers will upset the Falcons before that! Wishful thinking FTW!

nah screw that..niners need to suck to get rid of sing & co.

you mean to get Andrew Luck?

that too
Luck should come out for the draft, #1 pick. Niners may not need the #1 pick to get him if the Lions or Rams have the top 2 picks then they could trade. But the Bills, Jaguars, Seahawks, Raiders could have strong interest in drafting him or trading up.

I want winners
wow that lead getting smaller fast
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wow that lead getting smaller fast

hopefully its just an entertaining game
Andrew Luck is already better than Alex Smith

Could Luck fit into the shoes of the last great #12 we had?

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Damn, Luck can sell play action like a champ.
Beautiful play.
Holy s**t! Stanford making it look easy, just walking down the field.
holy playaction
Did you guys hear that? "Help is coming."
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