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2012 PAC 12 Champion Stanford Cardinal Football/ Rose Bowl Thread

Got to watch this game in the cruise ship bar on vacation last night...loved it!!!!!
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The fans storming the field, and the aerial view of it all. That was dope.

Yeah wtf I went to at least 50 Stanford games from age 5-18, and I got stuck with all the s**tty years like losing to San Jose St.
Back in the Buddy Teevens days, there would literally be like 5,000 people at the games and I'd just sit there listen to my dad yell, "Buddy Ball! You guys f**king suck!"

Then I leave for Oregon and then they turn into a powerhouse.

That really does piss me off tho

Same here. I've been to over 100 Stanford games and never saw anything like that. I was actually kinda pissed.
f**kin Nunes can't complete a screen pass

This might be the most boring game ever
That was dope! Nice play by the big man.
Montgomery you f**king turd. Wide open and you dropped it.

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Looking like the brown's receivers.
What a horrible play call. Bad throw too, but horrible play call.
Nunes you're f**king crap. That was a horrible throw. Horrible play call. f**king horrible.

Beat USC and lose to the f**king Huskies?


Wow. Way to go, bro.

Stanford putting up a stinker like the Niners did last week. Pathetic.
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Goddammit. They were pretenders.
Originally posted by crzy:
Goddammit. They were pretenders.

It was f**king Nunes. The guy sucks. Way too slow. Too slow with his reads, not accurate, no zip on the ball, can't capitalize on opportunities, just stinks.

Should have put in Nottingham to start the second half. Boneheads.

Well there went $300 down the f**king toilet.
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GOD DAMMIT I'm pissed.

I was gonna go roadtrip up to Eugene to hopefully see an undefeated Stanford take on Oregon.

I might still go but it won't be the same


at least the warriors are still undefeated
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