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We all know about his defensive abilities, but I think he was an underrated offensive player, and really allowed Jordan to maximize his abilities as a scorer. He spent the majority of his time on the court as Chicago's triangle point guard, and that allowed MJ get to his spots while operating on the wings, behind the first line of defense. Opponents had to respect Pippen's abilities as a scorer/slasher/distributor, so when you watch those old Bulls games, you'll rarely see an extra defender laying in MJ's lap before he even catches the ball. And Pippen's ability to guard the best perimeter player allowed MJ to save his energy for offense. Those two were a perfect compliment to each other.

This is exactly why i shake my head when i think of Lebron & D-Wade..

What do you mean? Do you not think it'll work?

Not at all. In a way like, cant wait to see how great they will be together. It's not common to see guys of this caliber play together on the wing. Usually its a guard - bigman combo..

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