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The Height Of Arrogance

Height : the highest part : summit... the highest or most advanced point : zenith

Arrogance : an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

I believe that is what was on display in Miami tonight.

Whether it was Dwayne Wade mindlessly declaring that he was now part of "arguably the best trio to ever play the game of basketball" or LeBron James counting up to 7 in reference to how many NBA Championships he believes they will win together... This was a sickening spectacle of conceit.

If somebody didn't know any better, one would have thought that these guys won a title this year by the way they were acting and the things they were saying! These guys act as if it is a GIVEN that they will win multiple championships! And they don't even have a Point Guard or a bench with any "role players" which you absolutely must have in order to win an NBA Championship.

After hearing these guys talk, we should just give them their rings now and cancel next season. LeBron even said that they could put Pat Riley out there and they could still get it done. He was laughing when he said it, but you get the feeling that this cocky, egomaniac probably believes it.

Aside from true Miami Heat fans and the typical bandwagon fans, I don't know how anyone could root for these guys and actually want to see them have success? It will be so much better to see them get bounced out of the Playoffs by a real team who has depth and cohesion and players who do their talking on the court.
this whole spectacle is sickening
This means I may actually have to root for the lakers at some point.

Nah, f**k that.

The NBA can go to hell.
Go Heat, eff the haters.
i thought it was corny
This whole thing reminds me of when Hogan joined the nWo.
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This guy doesn't need another thread. He already has his own ESPN ticker!
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