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Is Stephen Strasburg really the next Nolan Ryan?

Is Stephen Strasburg really the next Nolan Ryan?

he pitches 1 game and he is jebus
The Lebron of Pitching.

The next big thing...
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Good 1st game but yeah it was against the pathetic Pirates, let not crown him yet

Well... this team did score 3 runs against Timmy and only stuck out 6 times compared to 14 yesterday. Obviously they arent a great team but that should not take anything away from his effort.

Timmy still struggling though, Sanchez struck em out 11 times.

Pirates stink.

Sanchez lead all of baseball last year in K's per 9 innings after the AS break. He can K people when he is on. We all know that the Pirates arent great. It just seems like some people in here are looking for ways to diminish what this kid did last night. I dont care who you are pitching against. When you face a MLB team in your first start and K 14 guys and walk NO ONE its pretty damn impressive.

We are all saying he had a good game, we just wanna see him do it, i dunno, maybe more than once before calling him the next Nolan Ryan

why do people keep saying Nolan Ryan....Ryan might not even be a top 30 all time pitcher. he had awesome stuff, but his control was awful until he was in his 30's. dude played 27 years and was never the best pitcher in his league once.

if you want to call him the next something, say Roger Clemens or Sandy Koufax.
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Nolan Ryan, most overrated pitcher of all time ^^
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14 Ks in your debut against ANY major league team is f**king amazing. I think what I liked more is that he stayed calm in a time where every media outlet was eyes on him. Talk about pressure!

But yes, like Stoney said -- let's see him do it against a top team like the Rays or Yankees and then I'll be

the rays already had a perfect game against them
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Nolan Ryan, most overrated pitcher of all time ^^

the kobe bryant of his era.
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any nekkid pics of the reporter in red anywhere?
8.5 over/under the number of K's for Strasburg
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8.5 over/under the number of K's for Strasburg

I will go over
Game is on TBS if anyone wants to watch this kid. I have never seen a rookie pitcher that has 3 incredible pitches with control like Strasburg. 99 mph heater, one of the best curves already in the majors, and a 92 mph changeup that sinks. Pretty amazing stuff.

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Right handed batters have no chance when Strasburg throws that curve ball.
I had no idea he was on national television... gonna watch his half inning and then switch over the the WC
100 mph fastball, a 92 change, 100 mph fastball, 84 mph curve... like. He makes people look stupid! And as I say this he issues his first walk. lol

And then another... HAHA

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SMOKES Kearns.

Curveballs that are up in the mid 90's.

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