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San Antonio Spurs 2010 Offseason thread

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Man, I don't walk around MY homies with boxer briefs on. That photo is quite..."colorful".

There's a lot wrong with that picture, but I think the part that creeps me out the most is Kareem Rush with his arm around that dude. The only shirtless dude that is ever allowed to hug me or show any other sign of affection toward me is my son, and that s**t stops when he turns 10.

So creepy.

And that dude's arm is around Kareem, but not up at the shoulder, which is the only place a straight man should put an arm. It looks like it's either on his ass, or the small of his back. Either way, super gay.

And you know it's really bad when you can't even figure out who the gayest one is.

Surprisingly, Luke Walton is the least gay with his tiny purple shorts.

Kareem Rush is almost naked (with half wood?), wearing a fedora, and has his arm around another almost naked man. That almost naked man is holding a cup with several straws in it (for sharing?). The guy on the far right is doing the gay "stick-up-my-ass-hands-on-my-hips" pose, while wearing a pirate t-shirt. RJ is almost pursing his lips, and his left hand is hidden . . . somewhere. The short guy is arguably the least gay, but the popped collar makes him gayer than Luke, IMO.

Questions remain: Whose purse is that on the table? Were they all sharing that one drink, and if so, what was in the drink? Who exactly is wearing shorts and who's wearing underpants?

A few of my friends and I keep in touch over an email thread, and one of them (who knows almost nothing about basketball) made this comment today...

Saw Luke Walton today at the beach while I was running. He was enjoying some gayness with his Vball buddies.

I responded by showing him this picture, and he says,

Ha, the dude on the far right was totally there today too.

Pretty observant to recognize the dude on the far right... must have been looking at them for quite a while to pick up on that.

Do you really need to be observant to notice a prissy 7-foot tall dude?

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