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All TIME MLB Draft: BirdmanJr is UP. Fincham11 is ON DECK

Originally posted by SacRock14:
What we should do if we finish is tournament format, rather than a full season.

24 teams. Random draw. Each matchup can be a best of 7 series.

That would narrow it down to 3 teams. Maybe a quick round robin from there to figure out the top 2 teams and then a World Series.

Would be easier to sim because you can keep the rosters and just run 7 games, changing the starting pitchers each time.

Good idea but something tells me this has died a long and painful death.
I'm bumping this motherf**ker, someone make their pick.
Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
I'm bumping this motherf**ker, someone make their pick.

Ninerlifer is still up
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Can I take Buster Posey?

He is in What If Sports.


Buster Posey!

I dont really care but the rules were when we started this that you had to take someone who played last season. Dont think you should change the rules in the middle of the thing.

Hey, I know those were the rules for the NBA gig, but it wasnt stated on this.....if everyone agrees, lets keep it rolling?

James disagreed so make another pick. Lets keep it moving

OK really is it that big of a deal? Its not like he or anyone at this point is gonna break the starting lineup. This draft should really have ended a long time ago. So because James disagreed, i have to re pick? come on lets keep this moving along.
ok fine since James is the only one to disagree, I will take

Benito Santiago, the man who never takes off his halloween mask.

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Kalen is up or is NJ still picking for him?
OK.. I will pick for Kalen again....

The pick.. Outfielder Garry Maddox also known as The Secretary of Defense
* 9 time gold gold winner

1976 Season:
* .330 batting average - 3rd in NL
*.833 OPS
* 5th in NL MVP voting[/b]
Red Sox: Kalen49ers

Derek Jeter - SS
Tony Lazzeri - 2B
Willie Mays - CF
Willie McCovey - 1B
Hank Greenberg - RF
Chuck Klein - LF
Jim Ray Hart - 3b
Gabby Hartnett - C

Will Clark - 1b
Daryl Strawberry -rf
Kirk Gibson - lf
Edgar Renteria - ss
Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Garry Maddox cf

Dizzy Dean - SP
Robin Roberts - SP
Bert Blyleven - SP
John Denny - SP
Bob Turley - SP
Matt Cain - SP

Mark Davis - Closer
Steve Bedrosian RP 1987
Todd Worrell RP 1995
Picking again for Your Dumbass Huckleberry Royals....

Yes.. another KC Royal

RP Ted Abernathy1971 season
* 23 saves
* 2.56 era
Royals: Your Dumbass Huckleberry

1) Charlie Gehringer (1937 Detroit Tigers)
2) Joe Jackson (1920 Chicago White Sox)
3) Ted Williams (1941 Boston Red Sox)
4) Jeff Bagwell (1994 Houston Astros)
5) Andre Dawson (1987 Chicago Cubs)
6) Chipper Jones (1999 Atlanta Braves)
7) Thurman Munson (1975 New York Yankees)
8) Luis Aparicio (1960 Chicago White Sox)

1) John Mayberry 1b (1975 Royals)
2) Frank White 2b (1986 Royals)
3) Bo Jackson of (1989 Royals)
4) Hal McRae of (1975 Royals)
5) Danny Tartabull of (1991 Royals)
6) Al Cowens OF (1977 Royals)

Starting Rotation
1) Ed Walsh (1908 Chicago White Sox)
2) Eddie Plank (1915 St. Louis Terriers)
3) Early Wynn (1956 Cleveland Indians)
4) Bob Welch (1990 Oakland A's)
5) Kevin Appier (1993 Kansas City Royals)

Relief Pitchers
1) Willie Hernandez (1984 Detroit Tigers)
2) Goose Gossage (1977 New York Yankees)
3) Jeff Montgomery (1993 KC Royals)
4) Ted Abernathy (1971 Royals)

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LOL OK.. who is up? I just remembered about this.
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Okay, so it looks like I've been up for a couple months now. I'll take P Mike Krukow and 2b Duane Kuiper.

With this kind of chemistry, special things are bound to happen.
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This was extremely fun until you got to the scrub players being picked
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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:

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