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Which competition is more important to you as a fan?

Which competition is more important to you as a fan?

Nation (ie: the World Cup for soccer, the Olympics for basketball and hockey)

Club (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, La Liga, Premier League, etc)

The question here is: as a fan, which competition if more important for you? Example, if I single out Pete: which achievement has more value to you? Lakers winning the NBA championship or USA winning the gold at the Olympics?

Or for hockey fans, if you had to choose one over the other: Stanley Cup or Olympic gold?

World Cup or Champions League?

Ok you guys get the gist, which one is more important to you?
  • dman
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Depends which sport ...


Angels winning WS > Anything the US does


Lakers Championship > Gold Medal


US World Cup win > Arsenal winning Champs League


US Gold Medal > (dont really have a team)
The Spurs championships were always more exciting to me than anything national.
  • BigRon
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Giants Baseball. Any day of the week. Nothing else matters unless the Niners are playing that day.

They're the teams that matter to me at the end of the day. I'd say Warriors too, but they're a f**king joke. I wish they'd just move so I could kill the tiny spot of love for them in my heart. As for nation, I care about the olympics somewhat, but not for anything else.
Depends on sport.

Hockey and soccer I care more about international competition. Every other one, I care more about a club. I voted nation since hockey is my favorite sport.

And its only if NHL players can play in the Olympics.
Depends on the sport... basically, soccer, it's National.

Every other sport is club.
  • crzy
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For every sport other than soccer, I care more about my club teams.

However, for soccer, I am a US fan. Too bad, they have no shot at winning the World Cup anytime soon.

I don't really care about any Olympic event, not even Olympic basketball...because the US doesn't have any real competition right now.
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