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f**king Lakers only lose by a possession against the Celtics without Kobe

Sitting Kobe out until he is healthy might be the most important thing Phil and Kobe have done all year.

Too bad Lebron will eat them in the finals

You know they only beat them by 1 possession WITH Kobe....

In Boston. There's no way Ray Allen shoots like that with Kobe guarding him. Last nights game isn't even close with a healthy Kobe playing.

Well Kobe played Rondo for most of the game when they met the 1st time. And again....the Lakers won by a basket WITH Kobe. I would hardly say that any Celtics/Lakers game wouldn't be close.

You think the Celtics would beat them in the finals?

If KG's 100% healthy they can beat anyone.

eh, i really dont think so. The thing is, i dont think KG gets "100% healthy" anymore. He is getting old, those nagging injuries are just part of his age. Just like Kobe, they are both kind of losing ground in the same way. Neither are as good as they were 2-3 years ago when they met the first time.

BUT, the ways in which Kobe has regressed are not as important to the Lakers as KG is to the Celts. Losing Posey, Allen's streaky shooting etc, the celtics are not as good as they were. I think the Lakers are better, at least up front. Artest gives us that punch that we lacked in 08, and an inconsistent Bynum is better than no Bynum. Lakers win this series if it went down, guaranteed.

I see a lot more bounce in his play recently than earlier in the season. They're going to do everything they can to limit his minutes and get him 100% healthy in time for the playoffs..so if everything goes as plans we'll see then.