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this will make you laugh

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LOL wth???
I'm not really laughing, but wondering WTF that kid was doing. If it was a part of some trick play, it would make sense, but why just hold that stance like it had a purpose?
That has to be the ultimate WTF!!!!!!!
You are correct, sir.
You were right.
that was part of MNF 'come on man...
he was like... this is gonna be a false start on everyone but me.
holy s**t hahahahaha
Originally posted by pantstickle:
You are correct, sir.
hmmmm looks very familiar.....
Looks like a future Niner RT.
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
Looks like a future Niner RT. mean present?
I watched the game and there was another play in which none of the lineman moved after the snap, what kind of trick play is that? or are they sending a message?
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