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So Did Anyone Else See Those Idiots In The Stands @ The Ducks Game Last Night?

Niedermeyer tried to give a little girl his stick in the stands, dude grabs the stick and these 2 f**king idiots start going at it blow for blow while one of the guy's GF's or wife is in the middle trying to break it up....I mean are you serious???

WTF is wrong with people, I hope they make an example out of these 2 f**king idiots, especially for fighting like that in front of that little girl...what a disgrace
[ Edited by King49er on Nov 20, 2009 at 8:20 AM ]

Who the hell doesn't know that the stick is supposed to go to a kid?
In most cases, the terms "Ducks fans" and "idiots" are synonymous.

I love Niedermeyer's reaction: "Wait...wait, that's not for you. Oh no, hey stop it...crap, what have I done..."

But ya, these people are morons. It just proves my theory that most people in the world are a*****es.
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