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**UPDATE** DA to Drop Lincecum Pot Charges


Prosecutors in Clark County, Wash., and Tim Lincecum have reached an agreement in which the pitcher will pay a $250 fine relating to his possession of a marijuana pipe with the drug possession charge being dropped. Lincecum also must pay a $122 fine for speeding.

Grant Hansen, a prosecuting attorney for the county, told me Lincecum will not have to go to court as long as he sends in the fine.

ONE CLARIFICATION: A Clark County judge still must sign off on this plea agreement. If the judge does not like the deal, or has questions about it, he could order Lincecum to appear in court for a hearing scheduled for Dec. 22.

Hansen said Lincecum's celebrity had nothing to do with this disposition, which is standard for a first-time offender for misdemeanor pot possession who cooperates with police.

Per Schulman


Former Huskies pitching star Tim Lincecum was cited for marijuana possession after a traffic stop in Vancouver, Wash., on Friday, according to a report by The Columbian.

According to the story, The San Francisco Giants ace and Cy Young Award winner was stopped for going 74 mph in a 60 mph zone in the Hazel Dell area. A state trooper said he smelled marijuana when Lincecum rolled his window down. Lincecum allegedly handed over about 3.3 grams of pot and a small pipe. The Columbian story said 3.3 grams is considered enough for personal use.


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This guy? No way.

so now it just needs to come out that he is gay, and i would be 100 percent right about this guy
Originally posted by LA9erFan:
This guy? No way.

He should have puff-puff-passed before the All-Star game. He wouldn't have been so amped up.
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Now that's a good nickname.
3.3 grams? cmon man..

let the guy live.. it's the offseason for f*cks sake
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lol ok why did i just get this joke now
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Timmy, Smokin Aces, Lincecum just became Stoney's hero

The only thing that worries me is that he got busted at 8:30 in the MORNING.

C'mon Timmay..gotta be smarter
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hahahahaha. weird.
Originally posted by BigRon:
Timmy, Smokin Aces, Lincecum just became Stoney's hero

Some punk kid with a scrim sack is hardly my hero.
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