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Lingerie Football

Lingerie Football

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I searched for this and could not find anything in here. Anybody watch? Down in So Cal the games are on channel 56 (KDOC I believe) Fridays 9pm. I figured maybe some of the pervs in here would like it. I am not too found of it, watching a girl throw a football reminds me too much of Shaun Hill.
Its easy enough to just watch the 49ers game and when it is over watch porn

Imagine being at the bottom of pile with these wild and crazy women.
I've never seen a game, but I like the concept. I wonder if they ever have uniform malfunctions.
I wanna see
What's up with wearing hockey helmets and half shields?
what man would disapprove of that???
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Just wondering. Looks like a great family oriented sport.
Wow these chicks are pretty bad! You should see the naked bootleg!! HOT

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