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Oakland A's Offseason Thread

Another clearer view of what the site would look like with the village potentially being the A's park and HP.

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The village would be in between the A's park HP Pavilion.
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How long will it take to build all of that?
The A's park if everything goes as planned without any major hiccup would probably be around 2013 or 2014.

The village itself, well look at the examples of the urban villages that recent parks like Petco down in SD, Busch in STL, heck even up here with AT&T and you expect these building to be built if this project is green lighted within the next decade.

As for the blue area, it's supposed to be the new high speed rail system so who knows if and when that's gonna get built.

Still nothing is for certain and you still can get a lot of s**t to be brought up to could derail this but by 2020 if all things work out well.
Damn, Gonzalez has really stepped up his game this year in the playoffs.

Believe that was his 2nd three hit game this series against PHI.

I still love having Wallace here but my god, Gonzalez finally living up to the hype although like I mentioned previously, doubt he'd do this well had he stayed in Oakland for numerous reasons.

League and park factors, him being seen as the franchise player while in COL he's just seen as another one of their young talents.
Some guy at Sickels' site posted his 2010 mock...

10. Oakland Athletics – Chris Sale, LHP, Florida Gulf Coast – Sale was the star of the Cape Cod League this summer, and most prospect buffs would be lying to you if they told you they knew who he was before his summer run. He’s going to battle Pomeranz and James Paxton for the top lefty in the college class during the spring, and there’s a good chance Sale comes out ahead. He’s also big, standing at 6′6”, but he’s projectable too, as he might be able to add a good twenty pounds to his frame. He’s got a plus fastball with good movement and an effective changeup, and I see Sale as a relatively safe pick as far as pitchers go.

...well another safe pick by Beane if that were to happen, picking up another college SP.

Simmons, Blanton, Sullivan, Zito, Mulder were college #1 picks during the Beane era.

Heck date back to even Enochs and DuBose back before that time VERY EARLY in the Beane era after Alderson left.

They only used one 1st rounder on a high school pitcher and that was Bonderman who before injuries have ruined the past 2-3 years looked like he had top of rotation type stuff.

Cahill was the A's first pick in 06, 2nd rounder, and he looks like he could turn into a good SP eventually.
That's the Street A's fans have come to know and despise his last few years with the A's.

Blowing the most saves in MLB from 06-08.
Was reading Q&A mailbag at the A's site and said he thinks it's pretty a good lock that Bailey will win the AL ROY as he's spoken with many national writers and surprised how much backing Bailey has.
A's announced today that the entire coaching staff will be brought back for 2010.

Oh boy...
Anybody see ML's blog that pointed out the A's TV dipped by more than 50%.

Basically due to the A's fan base, or what's left of what's left after the decade plus bashing and screwing around with them after the Haas family built it up from what Charlie O did to it ever since he moved the org here to Oakland.

Add to that moving to CSNCA which probably will help in the long term but short term, basically nobody with a dish could get that channel for the most part and also fans needing to get a box to get channel 89...basically f'ed up the A's viewership.

IMO the only thing to improve it is the A's actually getting a new park and for the A's org to rebuild the relationship with the fan base. Course if they're gonna move to SJ, I doubt they'll be all hugely upset annoying some of the east bay A's fans.

Saw the discussion going on at the drumbeat blog and really can't stand how some A's fans keep saying the A's attendance has been going down since Haas sold the team.

True, from the mid 90s the attendance was decreasing from the Haas years due to Mt Davis and the complete dismantling of the A's winning team from 88-92 but from 1998 to 2004, the seasonal attendance was increasing slowly each season, took a slight dip in 05 but the first year Wolff gained full control of the team and then put the tarp up, the attendance each year since has steadily headed downward.

The coliseum was a s**t hole but Wolff has really done nothing to continue downgrad the venue and that along with the moment he bought the team, he basically announced he wanted the team to move to Fremont and now SJ...that hasn't helped either.
Some updates from the winter leagues...

-Carter is in Mexico, he's showing his good and bad thru three games so far. 3 games and he has 8 Ks thru 13 ABs but does have 2B/2 HRs.

-Weeks is in ARZ and is 3/9 with 2 2Bs thru two games. Lurie was on with Bruce last night on KNBR and said Weeks is one of the guys whos caught his eye while down there. Also mentioned Vitters, the ChiCubs 3B as another guy who caught his eye and he's been a name A's fans have mentioned a couple of times thru trades, most notably the Harden deal before it was made. Course very unlikely Cubs deal him.
Desme like Carter having a breakout game in ARZ winter league.

2 hits, a 2B and just a few minutes ago, hit a HR.
All from BA...

15. Gio Gonzalez, lhp, Sacramento (Athletics)
B-T: R-L Ht.: 5-11 Wt.: 195 Age: 24 Drafted: White Sox '04 (1s)
The only returnee from last year's PCL Top 20—he ranked eighth in 2008—Gonzalez again put up a spectacular strikeout rate (10.5 per nine innings) in his second stint with Sacramento. He joined the Athletics for good in late June, but command issues continued to plague him in the major leagues.

Gonzalez has plenty of stuff. His fastball sits in the low 90s and can reach 94 mph. His curveball is an even deadlier pitch, a 12-to-6 downer with tight spin, late break and plenty of depth. His changeup has some sink and deception, though it has too much velocity at times.

Gonzalez has trouble commanding his fastball and changeup, making it hard for him to set up his curveball. He also has to learn to keep his emotions in check and not allow one bad pitch to affect his next one. He should be at least a No. 3 starter if he throws more strikes.

19. Adrian Cardenas, 2b, Sacramento (Athletics)
B-T: L-R Ht.: 6-0 Wt.: 185 Age: 22 Drafted: Phillies '06 (1s)
After acquiring him in the Joe Blanton trade in July 2008, the Athletics mostly played Cardenas at shortstop. He split time between second and third base in Double-A to open the season, but saw most of his Triple-A action at second.

Regardless of where he plays, Cardenas is a pure hitter with a sound approach. He has a short, line-drive stroke with gap power, with Sacramento manager Tony DeFrancesco comparing him to Adam Kennedy. Cardenas hit just .177 when he first joined the River Cats in May, but then batted .289 after earning his way back in August.

Second base will be Cardenas' most likely position in the big leagues. He has average speed but lacks the range and pure arm strength for shortstop. Though his footwork still needs smoothing out at second base, his bat projects better there than it does at third base.

15. Adrian Cardenas, 2b/3b, Midland (Athletics)

Age: 21. B-T: L-R. Ht: 6-0. Wt.: 185. Drafted: Phillies '06 (1s).

Cardenas, the 2006 High School Player of the Year, came to the Athletics in a deadline deal that sent Joe Blanton to the Phillies in 2008, and he returned to Midland after finishing last season there. He moved up to Triple-A in May but rejoined the RockHounds after struggling for a month, then earned his way back to Sacramento at the beginning of August.

Cardenas has good makeup and average tools across the board. His compact swing and feel for the strike zone give him the ability to get on base consistently, and he also has gap power. He's also solid but not spectacular at second base, third base and shortstop, though playing short regularly in the majors would be a stretch with his range.

Playing in one of the most hitter-friendly parks in the TL, Cardenas had significant home (1.011 OPS)/road (.666) splits, and he also struggled against lefthanders (.677 OPS, compared to .901 against righties). Those who doubt his offensive production see him as more of a utilityman than an everyday player.

19. Corey Brown, of, Midland (Athletics)

Age: 23. B-T: L-L. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 210. Drafted: Athletics '07 (1s).

Brown didn't draw much notice this season because he missed a lot of time with a right knee strain that bothered him sporadically throughout the summer. He was batting .333/.419/.581 at the end of May when the injury hit and kept him out for most of June and July. He returned in August and hit a key home run in the playoffs to help the RockHounds win the TL title.

Brown doesn't always draw raves from managers because he's a very laid-back player who has a casual attitude and body language that sometimes turns them off. But he's a good athlete with strength, and one scout compared his skill set to that of Jim Edmonds.

Brown has loose hands and a free and easy swing, and he has the strength to produce legitimate home run power. He has the speed and defensive instincts to possibly stick in center field, with plenty of arm for the position.

"He can drive you nuts with the way he plays," the scout said. "But there are a lot of positives with this guy."


3. Chris Carter, 1b, Midland (Athletics)
Age: 22. B-T: R-R. Ht.: 6-4. Wt.: 225. Drafted: White Sox '05 (15).
Carter has built his reputation on power, with 64 home runs the last two seasons. He didn't show quite the same pop in his Double-A debut, but he did lead the league in doubles (41) and extra-base hits (67). He also looked like a much more well-rounded hitter, topping the TL in on-base and slugging percentage while winning MVP honors.

People who had seen Carter in previous seasons said he showed a quicker bat and did a better job of handling an assortment of pitches this year. He still has amazing bat speed that gives him easy power.

Skeptics still see Carter as a high-strikeout hitter whose average will come back to the .260-.280 range. Some still regard him as a defensive liability, but most scouts and managers thought he had improved at first base and might be playable in an outfield corner if he got himself into better shape.


5. Brett Wallace, 3b, Springfield (Cardinals)
Age: 23. B-T: L-R. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 205. Drafted: Cardinals '08 (1).
Wallace left the TL before the end of May, then he became the key player the Athletics received when they sent Matt Holliday to the Cardinals at the trade deadline. He has an impact bat, with a good swing and a keen ability to handle the strike zone, and he should hit for power and get on base consistently. Some thought he was pitched around in the TL and expanded his zone at times.

Most observers see Wallace as a marginal defender at third base, average at best, though his supporters think he gets the job done even if it's not always pretty. He has limited range with decent hands and an average arm. After he got traded to the A's, though, playing first base and DH become viable options.

7. Brett Wallace, 3b/1b, Memphis (Cardinals)/Sacramento (Athletics)
Age: 23. B-T: L-R. Ht.: 6-2. Wt.: 205. Drafted: Cardinals '08 (1).
Matt Holliday may not have produced like the Athletics hoped he would after trading for him in the offseason, but he did yield Wallace and two other prospects (righthander Clayton Mortensen and outfielder Shane Peterson) in a midsummer trade with the Cardinals. The 13th overall pick in the 2008 draft, Wallace is one of the most advanced hitters in the minors.

"He's a big league hitter right now," New Orleans manager Edwin Rodriguez said. "His pitch recognition is fine. He stays inside the ball very well. That's why he hits lefthanded pitching very well. He drives the ball to left center. He shows power to all fields."

Defense remains his biggest question mark. His hands are fine and he has enough arm to play third base, but his lack of agility and range make it unlikely that he'll be able to stay there. Most PCL observers thought he'd have to move to first base.


10. Vin Mazzaro, rhp, Sacramento (Athletics)
Age: 22. B-T: R-R. Ht.: 6-1. Wt.: 215. Drafted: Athletics '05 (3).
Mazzaro proved that his 2008 breakout season, when he led the Texas League in ERA (1.90) and was the circuit's pitcher of the year, was no fluke. He was mostly untouchable during his two months with Sacramento before joining Oakland's young rotation in June.

Mazzaro induces plenty of grounders thanks to a sinking fastball that sits in the low 90s and can touch 96 mph. His 84-86 mph slider gives him a second above-average pitch. His delivery isn't textbook, as he throws slightly across his body, but it does aid in giving him some deception. When Mazzaro did struggle in Triple-A, it was usually because he wasn't throwing his changeup enough. His changeup has a chance to be a slightly above-average pitch, but he's still learning to trust it. He also throws a downer curveball, but it's not much more than a show-me pitch at th
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