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Oakland A's Offseason Thread

Anderson won AL ROM for SEP.

Lurie was on with Bruce the past half hour or so and nice to see him put him in his place regards to the typical crack on the A's org that they deal their players a couple of years into their careers.

Course it's only happened once which was a few years ago when they dealt the likes of Haren, Blanton, Swisher, and Harden. Never mind the A's weren't going anywhere after 07 with that squad so he dealt Haren and Swisher.

Who'd they get back?

Haren deal-Anderson, Carter, Gonzalez, Cunningham, Smith, Eveland

...turned Gonzalez/Smith and Street basically into Wallace/Mortenson/Peterson. Wallace is the A's at least short term 3B. Anderson is one of the best young SP in the bigs, Carter is maybe the A's top prospect, who knows what happens with Cunningham IMO he could be a decent starting OF, and Eveland probably is a AAAA SP.

Swisher-Gio, Sweeney, and DLS

...Gio looks like he could be at least a 3/4 in the rotation if he can get some of his issues settled. Sweeney is a good young OF whos shown he can at least hit for good AVG, power is still a question mark. DLS is one of the A's most talented young arms in the system, albeit he's coming back from TJ surgery.

Blanton landed the A's Outman who before his TJ, looked as he was gonna have a breakout season in 09. Cardenas probably will be one of the A's best young hitters to begin next decade and Spencer is a decent hitting prospect at AA right now.

Harden landed the A's Donaldson who had a very good year at AA. Gallagher who was dealt to SD as the main centerpiece IMO for Hairston, a deal I didn't like and Patterson who came on late last season and could be probably a utility IF/OF for the A's next season.

Look at who the A's have longer than what perceived couple of years A's critics love to use.

Chavez-has been with the org for over a decade now. If not for the injuries the past 3-4 years, he could've been a major cog in this org and maybe wouldn't have had to sell off so many of the pieces I named above.

Tejada-he stayed here the max he was allowed to stay under A's control. Not many small-mid market teams like the A's could've afforded to pay Tejada what he got from BAL when they as an org was spending out of control back in 03/04.

Zito-like Tejada stayed all his maximum years of control with the A's.

Ellis-next year will be his 8th year with the org.

Yes guys like Huddy and Mulder were dealt prematurely but looks as the A's may have sold high on Mulder after 04 as he's been a shell of his former self. Huddy has been injury prone too after leaving the As' although he's been a much better pitcher and pitched more than Mulder since both were dealt after 04.

I don't see the A's dealing Anderson, Cahill, Gio, Sweeney, Suzuki, and when they arrive Wallace, Carter, Weeks, Green, Cardenas and others after a few years in the bigs. A's maybe in 2015 or 2016 probably won't keep all of them around especially if they become as good as A's fans hope they will but again, not many small-mid market teams can keep ALL their talent. MIN sure can keep a couple of big names around but they've lost fan favs like Santana/Hunter in recent years.

Look at CLE, two years ago at this time they were up 3-1 on the BoSox and were one game away from the WS. Look at what happened to their org since. CC dealt, Lee dealt, VMart dealt...really the only "centerpiece" kept was Sizemore out of all great talent a few years ago and unlike the A's and MIN up until next season when they move to their new park, CLE actually has a new park/bigger revenue from it to spend.
Also a reason why Beane dealt a Haren, Blanton, Swisher, Harden was because the A's farm system at that time was basically empty although this was the same farm system at that time that had the likes of Cahill, Bailey, Soria, Suzuki and Ethier in it so I don't know how empty it really was.

He needed to reboot the system up fast and that's what he did by dealing those four vets at that time and brought in about 15 youngsters..some who are already up and some about to arrive within the next year.

Even with that, the A's system is back, it's one of the deepest in the minors and the A's are finally changing their drafting philosophy/international signing methods which has changed dramatically from where it was maybe a half dozen or so years ago which was a system that led to the A's minors being one of the most looked down upon systems in the minors to begin the middle of this decade.

A's won't IMO go trading their young talent for more young talent...they'll probably have to let some go because they're just become too expensive even if the A's do get a new park and new revenue, they'll be like teams like MIN, TB, CLE who'll won't be able to sign every big name FA that comes thru their org like a NYY, BOS, LAA, LAD and others can do.

But they'll keep IMO the majority of them around then till they reach FA and probably like with Chavez and Ellis keep a handful around past the 6/7 year mark when most players with that time service will be come FAs.
Beane to be on with Ralph and Ted later this afternoon.

What kind of snide remarks will Ralph make this time.
He's on next.
Screw you Holliday.
Originally posted by ninerpride:
Screw you Holliday.
Rumors in recent hours have speculated that SD may want to interview A's Forst.

I hope not, most believe Forst is the heir to Beane once he doesn't want to be in the baseball operations anymore and maybe even look towards buying into a Euro Soccer team as many have speculated he would love to do.
A's cut 4 guys off the 40 man roster.

Geise, EGon, Munson and Cameron.

First three don't have any problems with, thought Cameron did well in his brief appearance in the bigs early in the season. He pitched well for SD a few years ago and thought he could be a fixture in the A's pen these next few years but just shows you how potentially deep the A's bull pen will be in these next few years both at the big league level and at AAA.
Anybody rooting for certain teams in the playoffs.

Personally rooting for the Dodgers in the NL.

Can't believe I'm rooting for the LAA least right now in the ALDS but I just can't weather another BOS-NYY love fest we'll get from the media, aka ESPN, for a 7-10 days if those two make it to the ALCS.

For the series, basically an all LA WS and LAD winning it.

Saw on another A's MB from a member who SUPPOSEDLY talked to a SJ COC member who told him/her that there is gonna be a big announcement after the World Series in regards to the A's possible relocation to SJ.

Wonder if this has anything to do with the news the Merc reported on a few days ago that maybe the Kings would relocated to SJ if they can't get a deal done with SAC.

Be pretty bold moves if somehow SJ could lure away both the A's and Kings. Already got the arena and if they can somehow build a new ballpark for the A's, SJ would definitely would arrive on the map nationally which may piss off people on the west side of the bay.

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I hope San Jose gets the A's, but I don't want the Kings to move here.

I'll be too tempted to switch over to Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin and the Maloofs.

And yes, I usually think fans that switch teams when the going gets tough is pathetic....but the Golden State Warriors franchise does not deserve fans.

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Well there is a ton of money on the sidelines down in the south bay.

If they could create some sort of sports village down where the Shark Tank and the potential proposed site for a new A's park would be which is a few blocks away, which has been proposed by A's owner Wolff, that could be a huge boom economically for the city of SJ.

SJ and or the south bay is still an untapped location with only the Sharks which god love them, is still the 4th most popular pro league in the country...I could only imagine what kind of sports scene it'll be there all year around with the Sharks, A's and Kings playing 160 home games in that proposed area.
Hang in their crzy.

Cohan will sell the team eventually and you'll rid yourselves of the likes of Rowell, Riley and Nellie soon afterwards.

Hopefully Ellison buys the team and turns the W's into sort of a Mavs type franchise after Cuban bought that team.
Some info about the Diridon site, the proposed ballpark site the A's wanna build.
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