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Official Cal Bears Thread

lookin good so far
Damn, Anger's on steroids.
Felder's a beast.

[ Edited by AllTimeGreat on Aug 30, 2008 at 18:13:48 ]
we need a turnover. if we can obliterate msu, we can crack top 25 imo.

Defense is doing
uh oh
nate longshore, mmm

o is running better, but I think Riley overall is still going to lead this team

Or let Longshore play for 1st half, and riley the 2nd half

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Nate Longshore sucks. Nothing new there.
f**k you nate longshore
This is Longshore's MO. Beautiful couple plays negated by one really bad one.

No sacks thus far but I'm really likin' the pressure we've been seeing all day.
speaking of the band play. I met one of the guys involved in that play (or so he said), he is a doctor now, lectured us one day about med school
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
Nate Longshore sucks. Nothing new there.

Go suck a dick Longshore
Ok Tedford...that is fvcking enough already. Please, your son sucks. Sit his sorry asz down. FVCK!!!
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