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***Official Boxing Thread***

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
A lot of power from the aging marquez.

Dude looks huge.

Pac is going to have to knock him out to win and I don't know if he can.
Close 4th round. I don't know who to give it to.

Ledderman wen't Pac.
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Marquez down, after he touched a glove after getting popped.
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Manny is blasting him!!!
HOly s**t!!!! MAnny was launching viscous bombs on him!!! His f**king head is on roids for taking all that assault.
If you ain't watching this fight, I feel bad for you son.
Marquez's nose is broke. Blood is flowing.
Holy s**t...Marquez is going to be a bloody mess after this fight.
Holy s**t

MAnny out.!!!!!!
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That is the 5th time in the 4 Pacquiao-Marquez fights that Juan Manuel Marquez has been knocked down
Is Pac ok
Holy s**t Manny is down and still sleeping.
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