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***Official Boxing Thread***

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Is this chick singing the mexican anthem losing her voice during the song?

She sounded like s**t!

she was sick. she's pretty good.

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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Wtf ..Marquez looks huge.

Everybody is talking about how he's on roids because he looks bigger and more cut than he ever has.

Round 1 about to start, marsh.
Here we go!!
Pro Marquez crowd.
God damn, the marquez fans are LOUD!
Paq is going down!!
Round 1 Pac.

But God damn Marquez is huge in shoulders and traps.
Not a lot of action in the 1st. I think Pac landed a handful of solid punches compared to nothing that great from marquez. Round to Manny, IMO.
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Pac landed a couple of good punches. Other than that pretty even 2nd. 2-0 Pac.
Manny blasted and down!!!

HE's back up
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Paq is going down!!

This s**t is on now.
Pac got murked doe lololol
A lot of power from the aging marquez.
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