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***Official Boxing Thread***

holy crap
Not quite Chavez-Taylor I but almost
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lol wut?

i heard this on the radio the other day too.. doesn't make sense lol

Pipty Pesos
Who won?
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Who won?

The 49ers
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Who won?

martinez did

serg dominated the whole fight.. won pretty much every round.. but jcc's power punches kicked in during the 12th.. serg got knocked out once but was still going toe to toe with him.. he barely survived the round
Oh snap good fight
Sick a55 last round. One of the best rounds I have ever saw. Serg Martinez is a G. The reason Chavez Jr. got the knock out was cause Serg was still in there fighting. Not on cruise control running away even though he obviously had the fight in the bag. Too bad the elite guys are mostly too scared to fight him. I wanna see him against the best. Dude is hella good and underrated.
lost my voice in that last round.
I had to school like 5 people on who Sergio Martinez was.
''Chavez is hella bigger bro, no way this old dude wins.''

I had to tell them about Serg' speed, the fact that he's a southpaw, his crazy stamina and athletiscmsmsmm.

I think he got knocked down because he was getting crazy cocky and Jr's taunts might have triggered that. Jr is the first dude to KO Serg like that . Holy smokes.

Chavez Sr looked like he wanted in as well. That was a crazy ass fight. Canelos on at the same damn time was annoying as fu*k. I knew Canelo was gonna win. That is what he would do to Victor Ortiz.

Crazy night of boxing.

John Schiraldi ‏@jschiraldi24 Kelly Pavlik drunk as hell at sheetz

John Schiraldi ‏@jschiraldi24 @DominicCarbon hahah he was already plastered and had a beer in hand

CL ‏@CLynch_ Kelly Pavlik here at U Pie getting rowdy

Good God Pav gonna suffer a relapse
lol was anyones elses broadcast in spanish
serg is like the energizer bunny.. can't believe he's 37
serg was coked up... nose bleeding before the fight started
That Maidana/Soto-Karass fight doe. That fight was off the hook!
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