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PYMWYMI, Year 3.... (2008-2009)

Originally posted by tim4949:
Originally posted by ninerswin317:
Originally posted by tim4949:
what a bunch of p#ssies ...

In offense the 9ers have the pieces of the puzzle they just needed somone to put it together and combine it with the sick D we're gonna have.....I will call it right now

12-4 (or better)
#1 NFC West

and we will be batteling out for homefield advantage in the playoffs....
I have spoken

did we trade for peyton manning?

nope just addition by subtraction with Hos gone and then you add Martz as the replacement and what you have is a 12 - 4 team....

ill seriously second this 12-4

Honestly thats realistic.

That said, I think everyone's stats will be pretty decent AND I think Alex Smith will be the starting QB.

Man, I hope I'm wrong...

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Anybody ever see Sylvester Croom at the SEC coaches press conference? They asked him what record he would predict for his season, and he responded by saying an undefeated season. Not because he honestly expected it, but because to say different is is not a proper winning attitude.
i think 8-8 but hope for 9-7 although the schedule is tough
i believe Nolan we'll stay for another year if we have a winning record even if we miss the playoffs
And if we're in the playoffs it's because of Martz magic

Remember : carpe diem and

Why the hell not???
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8 - 8

I think that's with a few breaks going the Nines way, which we all know doesn't happen often.

Martz' offense takes time - there was a big difference between his first season in Detroit and his second.
This is our schedule (Winners in bold):

1 Sep 07 ARI @ SF 4:15 PM

2 Sep 14 SF @ SEA 4:05 PM

3 Sep 21 DET @ SF 4:05 PM

4 Sep 28 SF @ NO 1:00 PM

5 Oct 05 NE @ SF 4:15 PM

6 Oct 12 PHI @ SF 4:15 PM

7 Oct 19 SF @ NYG 1:00 PM

8 Oct 26 SEA @ SF 4:15 PM

9 Bye

10 Nov 10 SF @ ARI 8:30 PM

11 Nov 16 STL @ SF 4:05 PM

12 Nov 23 SF @ DAL 1:00 PM

13 Nov 30 SF @ BUF 1:00 PM

14 Dec 07 NYJ @ SF 4:05 PM

15 Dec 14 SF @ MIA 1:00 PM

16 Dec 21 SF @ STL 1:00 PM

17 Dec 28 WAS @ SF 4:15 PM

We will go 9-7, which will be just enough to keep Nolan around for another year--thus, leading half of the Zone to begin using drugs. But not enough to get us into the playoffs.

Alex Smith will look brilliant at times, at others like garbage, which will lead to another year of debate over him. The reason we go 9-7 has less to do with him, and more to do with the defense.

Martz will wig out at least once and start calling five-wr sets on 2 and shorts.

We won't have a plan for a new stadium.


We will miss a wild card spot in the playoffs because of the last regular season game loss to the Redskins.
6-10, Nolan fired.
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10-6 division champs
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