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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, 2007-08

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Originally posted by kidash98:
So it seems like the old thread disappeared on us but here it is...

Last year, Joecool started a thread on this so might as well continue it and make it a tradition of sort...

y'all know the drill.... What do you think our records this year will be???

Only the regular season, please....

- 98
16-0 u know
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7/23/07 at 11:40 a.m. (Through Rocklin49er)

200 of 226 votes (88%) are between 9 and 11 wins.
217 of 226 votes (96%) are between 8 and 12 wins.
All but two people voted that the team would have a winning record (8-8 or better).
I'm going 8-8 (with the losses A LOT closer than last year).
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Last year we lost games cause we fumbled, i remember smith was goin on a 130+ completion streak without an int but then we fumbled like twice in 5 min and forced us to throw. hes gonna be a real good qb in college he threw barely any interceptions. he just needs recievers who can run routes well and we got gore who can run the ball better then anyone in the league. this year we not gonna fumble 100 times in every game and give it away in the first 2 qrts. gores not gonna fumble n e more, im sure about that. we def. more polished this year, we can only get better this year. id say 11 wins easy. just run with gore hostler its easy. i could be the offensive coordinator.
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10-6 NFC West Champs, lose in the NFC Championship game.

Mark my words.

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