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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, 2007-08

I said 10-6, but for some reason I wasn't listed yet.
  • BennyNolan
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9-7 Baby!!!!!
  • NIN_ER
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10-6 wildcard
  • Tuleniner
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9 and 7 , Its will get us in the PLAY OFFS . MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I say 9-7. It will be a good year but the year after this one is when we start ripping through the league.

our record is so cake that we could go 13-3 if we play like i believe they can. but then i get a little retarded when i forecast for the team that i have loved since i was old enough to know what the nfl was.
8-8 d/t a tough schedule and some close losses.

  • Nytalus
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10-5-1 they tie NO.
9-7 for sure. With the right breaks could be better.
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