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Position group discussion: Halfback

Is Gire a lock or does James or Hunter beat him out?
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Is Gire a lock or does James or Hunter beat him out?

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Bring back Glen Coffee
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Put Boobie at safety
I don't know if hunter or James gets the #2 spot. I'm guessing that neither do...they split it!

Dixon makes the roster, Lattimore to PUP IR.

Dixon leaves as FA after season, with Lattimore coming up after that.
Please can we start this Gire guy I hear good things.
Start Gire. Never heard of him, but why not?
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I think Kendall Hunter is the most under rated player on this roster..My guess is we go w/ Gore, Hunter and LMJ...Lattimore on the PUP...Dixon is the wild card...needs to be a key special teams guy to stick.
We never use Dixon so why keep him, fullback can do the 3rd-1 or 4th-1.

I would like to see hunter and LMJ on the field together