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Possible huge three headed versitility monster

We all know what Kaep is capable of when it comes to passing and running he is an amazing duel threat QB and recently i have been thinking how much fun Roman could have if two other individuals, recently added to our team, could make the team and get on the field with kaep at the same time.

First is 7th RD draft pick BJ Daniels. Daniels was a QB with a huge arm in college in college but was a running back in HS so he knows how to handle the ball. Harbaugh has talked about him possibly being 3rd string QB as well as Slot WR/ RB/ and p/k returner. I think he could be a ligit slot WR/ RB and when he is in the game would really make the other team guess what is going to happen cause he can throw to. I have even thought about the possibilty of Daniels surprising a team going under center and having Kaep with his lightning speed and size going deep down field for a pass. The options he could create are scary for other teams to think about and trust me Harbaugh and Co are thinking about crazy stuff like that when Daniels is on the field.

For the same reason I like UDFA Marquies Gray who is built like a TE at 6'3" 225 to be our 3rd TE. He also played the bulk of his time last year as QB but has lots of experience running out of the backfield, as well as TE/WR, he is not incredibly fast but when he carries the ball he is big, hard to bring down and very shifty for someone his size Kinda like a TE version of Cordarelle Patterson be cause he is bigger, stonger and not quite as fast on top of that he has college QB experience so he can throw as well. Crazy!

You put those 3 Kaep/ Daniels/ Gray on the same field and all sorts of fun stuff could be available. Trust me Harbaugh and co have and are thinking about it.
I haven't check out Daniels but I do really like Gray. Watching clips of him in school reminds me of watching Kaepernick. The way he runs the read option and sets up big plays. He's not as fast as Kaep but runs with more power, like you said. Seems like these guys could really confuse opponents if used creatively.

I'm looking forward to seeing them in the preseason and hope that at least one of them sticks around.
BJ's gonna be like Cody and be on our special teams unit and then have to start a game at QB, but still play STs. lol
I think you're selling Gray short... he's 240-245.
Originally posted by 5280High:
I think you're selling Gray short... he's 240-245.

I agree he's bigger than that. I looked him up and he is almost 6' 4" and he weighs about 240. He is pretty fast too. He ran the 40 in 4.67.
Gray officially signed according to Maiocco, and listed as a RB for some reason. No mention of Okoye, Marquardt or Debniak.
I live in minnesota ,I've watched Marquies Gray play quiet a bit ...he has awesome physical skills , but I doubt he could win the #3 QB job , but his talent and upside could win him a Job as an H-Back , if we were back in 2005 , this guy would be a welcome addition to our offense , but now that our roster is loaded , Gray has a slim chance of sticking around ...but his physical talents cant be ignored , cant wait for pre-season
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The coaching staff loves Celek, I doubt anyone else takes his roster spot
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