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Rosterbation - who are the 53

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Donte Whitner is a lock. Sorry bro...

I don't know about that. Whitner has a lot of downsides. Yes, his leadership, experience, and run support will be missed. But his contract and pass coverage liability will not be missed.

To me, he has more going against him. If Reid is really, NFL ready and is as smart as he seems, I think he makes Whitner expendable.

Lol then who plays FS? Dahl? Reid and Whitner will be our starters.

Trenton Robinson plays FS. You know, our 6th round pick last year? Great cover skills. Fell in the draft due to the fact that he's not built like a safety.

Plenty of good free safeties are short (Earl Thomas, Eric Weddle, Reggie Nelson, Mike Adams, Ed Reed).

SO basically start two rookies at safety? You think we got torched last year during the playoffs? watch happens if we start two rookies. Yes i know Robinson isnt a rookie but he never has played an NFL game either
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I suspect there's some sort of handshake deal, where the 49ers basically say this is at least a 2 year commitment, and by being on the 49ers PS, you'd have the best chance to learn to play football and the DL position from a guy like Tomsula with NFL Europe experience. the 49ers PS would be a much better way of becoming a good player than making the 53 and being inactive on another team. This guy is smart enough to know that joining a random team's 53 man squad isn't the best for his development, unless that team promises regular starting time (which is unlikely).

Exactly my thought, too. During the interview he had with Jamal Anderson, I remember him saying he wanted continuity and good coaching. He's not going to get continuity by jumping around from team to team and it's already been mentioned that he was high on Jim Tomsula, because of his experience in NFL Europe. I think this is where he wants to be, and knows it's where his best chance to sit, learn, and eventually succeed is.
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Where did all this nonsense about our safeties all sucking arse start? I swear it snowballs and has now grown out of control. Give me the best safeties of all time and put them up against Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Tony Gonzalez with no pass rush and I guarantee you they get roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. We fielded a top five pass defense for most of the season and yet they had a couple down games and all of a sudden are trash? This is getting old.

Whitner isn't the best safety in coverage I get that but he is a STRONG safety for crying out loud. Goldson had much better range than he'll ever be given credit for by this fan base too. Way too many people judging these players entire skillsets and careers from way too few games. Its like they completely forgot about all the great plays that player made. The 49ers placed the franchise tag on Goldson once, his peers voted him to the top 100 players list, probowls, and the Bucs signed him to very lucrative deal all because he's not very good! This is coming from the fans of the team they play for!! All of these players, coaches, and professional sports organizations have no idea what they're talking about I guess. And one more thing, the term "ballhawk" is thrown around way too loosely around here. Both FS and SS have to cover, both have to tackle, and both have to be able to bring the wood. The notion that coverage safeties can't tackle and big hitters can't play coverage is ridiculous.

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