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Which of our draft picks are you most excited about?

Which of our draft picks are you most excited about?

I am going over it in my head, and I honestly cant tell you which one I like the most out of the top 6 choices... You?
Luv Reid frm tha start N very happy we got him ....
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
Luv Reid frm tha start N very happy we got him ....

you know... I wanted DJ Sweringer, but after listening to Eric Reid, and watching more highlights on him and just seeing what type of person he comes off as, I am happy with the choice.
I like the first 6 picks, if I had a favorite it'd be Tank Carradine. Dude was a steal at #40. I am the most excited about Reid though, because he'll most likely be the only pick that is a full time starter next year. I hope the kid is ready....
I'm excited about Corey lemonier as a 3rd rounder. This guy has pass rush skills that will help the 9ers immensly.The Reid pick was good but why the trade up and lose #74? I will say about Reid & Lemonier & Dial, I'm glad we drafted defenders from the SEC, the best conference by a mile. Reid is physical and so is Lemonier, both will have nice rookie seasons hopefully.
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Between Reid and Patton.
General Patton

Im excited for all of them, i chose Patton just because he is a 4th rounder and he has a big chance to contribute this season but this draft just feels perfect, actually a little too good to be true..
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I keep going back and forth. All of these guys seem like such good dudes. Hearing about Patton coming early, Lattimore and his attitude, Reid bringing his little girl up with him during the draft, Lemonier being so apologetic about saying John Harbaugh, etc. They all seem like easy-to-root-for types of guys, with lots of talent and potential. I also am really excited about McDonald. I think he's going to be a really important part to our offense as a big target in the red zone. I've never been more excited about a draft class.
the lemmon guy

I voted Corey Lemonier because I feel like if he can provide a consistant pass rush on the opposite side of Aldon on passing downs it will force teams to pick there poison on who they double. however i am just as excited about what I see in BJ Daniels I think he could be a ligit slot WR/ RB and when he is in the game would really make the other team guess what is going to happen cause he can throw to. I have even thought about the possibilty of him surprising a team going under center and Kaep going deep down field for a pass. The options he could create are scary for other teams to think about and trust me Harbaugh and Co are thinking about crazy stuff like that when Daniels is on the field. for the same reason I like UDFA Marquies Gray to be our 3rd TE. He is huge but has lots of experience running out of the backfield as well as TE/WR and even QB, you put those 3 Kaep/ Daniels/ Gray on the same field and all sorts of fun stuff could be available. Trust me Harbaugh and co have and are thinking about it.
whoever makes the pro bowl first.
all of them
This really is tough. I'm very high on this draft. I think all of these picks will have the greatest chance to do shine because they have a lot of talent and will be able to come in, without a lot of pressure, and just be free to make plays. I said before the draft we need to come away with 5-6 starting quality players and I believe we have that with our first 5 picks. Not the easiest thing in the world to do when you are drafting low and already have a talented team.
I'm most excited about Eric Reid. My favorite safety in the draft.

I'm most intrigued with Corey Lemonier though. I think he could develop into a future 8-10 sack guy.
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