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pic 34 & 61

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Trade down and get our 3rd back.

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Originally posted by RishikeshA:
I say no to Mathieu, too many concerns.

Agree...too high for all the possible problems! 4th or later? Fine!
tank and trade up for zach ertz
Trade 34 with the Jets so they can get Geno.
Tim Tebow
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Tim Tebow

Move to it!
Tank @ 34
Thomas @ 61
Originally posted by mayo49:
Trade down and get our 3rd back.

that makes no sense

we dont have room on this roster for more picks
I wouldn't mind scooping up that WR Hunter in the 2nd round.
who's "thomas"? K, ThxBye

Ertz and Jessie Williams.. but your 2 would be kool too
Originally posted by toppdogg32:
Ertz and Jessie Williams.. but your 2 would be kool too

My favorites but there are so many good players in the second round...will be happy at the end of the day.
I like Tank at 34.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
who's "thomas"? K, ThxBye

Phillip Thomas, the all-american S from Georgia.

my plan would be to move Reid to SS and have Thomas play FS when we don't re-sign Whitner.
Mark me down with AB, ERtz and Jesse williams. Since I am a pig, and we also have 11 picks(8 for trading purposes), I would love to get a 2nd DL also, Hunt. It could be done, but would be really hard. Trent must be sweating bullets right now. We know we have a starter at #34, but how to nail down two more? I would burn every pick to get ertz, jesse and hunt...but it would have to be early, as those are some of the best BPAs out there. One we got. Now we just need the other two. Probably go with ERtz first, in that TE quality falls off after him and there are more DLs out there...but not starters after rd 2. So whatever trent does, he has to do it quickly.
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