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2013 Schedule - Your Prediction of Wins & Losses

  • Rascal
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Another tough schedule. What are your predictions ?

Personally, I am looking at 12 and 4 or 11 and 5 worst case scenario :

  • At least 1 to the Seahawks, but I really think if we are not careful we could stand to lose both games
  • We could lose to RG3
  • Between the Saints and Falcons, we could lose 1
  • The Bucs is a funny one, they have the weapons, when they are good they can be pretty good, we could slip 1
  • Rams is a bad match-up for us, their D-line has our O-line number, they will draft a big time WR, be it Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson, we could slip 1

I just looked at Seahawks' schedule, it is easier than ours. I don't want to say it, but let's just say it is going to be really close again.
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  • Rascal
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Nothing funny about it. I predicted 12 and 4 this last season and I wasn't far off. You just under-estimate the other teams and see what happens.

Did anyone think we would lose to the Vikings last season ?
laughing at your thread...there are already prediction threads..this will get locked

This is the "official" annual thread where people post their predictions:

its re-opened by the mods right after the draft and closed once training camp begins (the period where most pre-season judgement and a clearer picture of the roster can be be determined).

This is why your thread is well, dismissed.
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