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Coverage vs Slot Receivers -- 9ers vs Harvin next year.

We have a huge challenge coming this season stopping Harvin. The like of Welker, Harvin, Amendola, Cruz etc are showing how it is nearly impossible to cover these receivers. The Vikings did a great job in the 2012 game of getting Harvin a free release and getting him into space. Even when the man coverage starts well, his ability to stop and reverse his pattern is brutal against man coverage.

I see on the boards that people think the "honey badger" could be an answer - but I highly, HIGHLY doubt it. Good offensive scheme/routes can always beat man coverage.

At the same time, trying to play zone designed to stop this kind of underneath crossing threat is dangerous as well. If the zone coverage is keyed on Harvin, that could open up others - and zones are still susceptible in the seams and gaps where Harvin is dangerous - in the open.

I'd love to think a solution would be to blow Harvin up with some hard hits, but that is easier said than done!

What are your thoughts on how to stop a guy like Harvin?

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move brown inside vs slot recievers i think he is really perfect for it than put Nhamdi and Culliver (or a highly drafted rookie if we get a good one like johnathan banks or someone similar) on the bigger outside receivers. This should work i have faith in Brown he is a good corner out side but i think he could be a great corner inside!
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