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Colt McCoy Making more than Colin Kaepernick this year!

I was just looking at AB's site to see check out Anthony Davis' old cap number before he resigned today.

What got my attention is the fact that Colt McCoy (1.5 million) is making more than CK (1.3 million) this year! Do you think CK will want a boat load of dough next year after having one of the lowest contracts on the team as the starting QB for a year and a half?
Yes and he'll have earned the right to ask for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Colin Kaepernick is going to want HUGE $$$$ next year regardless of who the backup QB is.

The only reason he isn't looking at a contract extension NOW is that the CBA won't allow a restructure till the end of his third NFL Season.
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Cut Kaepernick before he asks for a raise!
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guess we know who the starter is going to be

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