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Anthony Davis signs five-year contract extension

ProFootballTalk ‏@ProFootballTalk 2m 49ers OT Anthony Davis signs five-year contract extension, per source with knowledge of deal.

this is from Davis last night:

Bam Davis ‏@AnthonyDavis76 6h just checked something off my bucket list.. it'll be news in the am.

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Crabtree or Iupati next...
Where's my cookie? Called this 2 weeks ago.

Great move to get done now.
This front office is simply killing it this offseason and we still have the draft upon us. We now have both LT and RT shored up for years. I think I'm going to have to beat off at some point today
Awesome. Honestly, the sooner the better for these guys because their price will only go up. Not only because they are getting better but if you look around the league at the salaries compared to 2-3 years ago they have skyrocketed. Look at Staley... seemed crazy to keep extending him but he got a 6 year 28 million dollar deal which is about half of what he would get now. Not many pro bowl LT's at 4.5 a year. Hopefully more guys to follow... I love having a front office that knows what they are doing. Don't have to wonder if they are going to sign the right guy. Don't have to worry about them signing 1 year wonders like so many other teams.

Side note with the new cba you can't re-sign a rookie until after 3 years so crabtree and iupati are eligible and Kap/Aldon/Culliver/Hunter/Miller aren't until after this season. I'm not so sure we see Iupati. Might have had to choose between those 2 and RT is probably harder to find than a LG. Heck, we could probably move Boone to LG down the road... easier to find a RG than LG. We will see though. As for crabtree wouldn't mind an extension but I think he will want too much. With Kap he should be able to make the receivers look better than they are. Not sure I want to give Crabtree 8-10 mil a year yet.
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`Iupati or Crabby next.
Cool, now sign big mike iupati.
good signing. future LT possibly if staley becomes too expensive or holds out when he realizes he's under paid

Saw this, immediately thought 'please please don't be an April fools', checked the date and then mentally high fived myself (at work).

Great news! This was (IMO) a top priority for re-signings (of those that can be re-signed). I reckon we can get a deal done for Iupati and keep this line together for a long time!
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Originally posted by Ajanke:
`Iupati or Crabby next.

I hope the numbers come out soon! AB will do his magic with them and I'm sure it is a great deal for both sides.
Are we going to stop saying he should be moved to guard?
Originally posted by 60sfan:
Are we going to stop saying he should be moved to guard?

Oh yeah, we should move him to FS.......
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