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Which would you prefer at FS?

Which would you prefer at FS?

Originally posted by Cooper22:
nnamdi would suck as a safety.

seriously he cant tackle
Didn't cully play safety in college?
Anyone on here considered Rogers possibly being the one to move to FS? I understand he has no experience there unlike Cully, but I think I prefer Cully to Rogers as a CB, especially considering Rogers declining value in the slot. Rogers is a good tackler, if not known for vicious hits. I think he could make the transition without much difficulty. In this scenario I would think Brown would take over slot duties.
I think Spillman could be the wildcard.
I was out of touch with the internet for several days and watched highlights from all the games of 2012. Man, Goldson made so many plays. He really played himself into a big contract. I agree with Hoovtrain, Spillman may be the man. I'm sure he'll get his shot.
Originally posted by Hoovtrain:
I think Spillman could be the wildcard.

Spillman's best shot at a starting gig is the '14 SS one, not the '13 FS one.
I'd rather see Spillman get a chance before converting Carlos or Nnamdi. Those guys aren't open space guys. Culliver is the future at CB so it doesn't make much sense. Definitely don't want Dahl starting at FS or even SS. I'd say high pick rookie is unfortunately the best option. Going to be nearly impossible to replace Goldson. Even if we get the right guy it could take 2, 3, 4 years for him to get up to Goldson's level (playbook, physically, mentally)
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Originally posted by NCommand:
Well, if the Niner's want to go more physical (like Baalke alluded to and backed by CB's we've looked at in FA and Draft) they could go:

Culliver (LCB) - Brown (slot) - 1st round (FS) - Dahl (SS) - Nnamdi (RCB)

Whitner is cut to save 4M this year alone. Rogers' renegotiates and baks up both CB spots.

Whitner will not be cut this year.

If he is cut, fly down to Chile and I will buy two drinks.
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Early round pick is my preference.

Early round choice playing FS
I'm for whoever makes the team better.
Originally posted by Cooper22:
nnamdi would suck as a safety.

Yep. Nnamdi and Rogers both don't tackle well.

If the safety is currently on the team, it's Culliver.

Quite frankly I prefer Culliver to drafting a rookie and throwing him in there as a starter.
Still would put Culliver at FS... especially after adding Aso at CB.

I really do not think this is a wise time to insert a rookie safety as our starter. We are too close to ring # 6 to deal with that learning curve. Culliver, as stated many times over, has safety experience. I think it would actually be putting him in a great situation to succeed in our defense. We can still draft a rd 2-4 safety to develop and just cut some of the others loose, if we have determined that their future is minimal.
Culliver to FS is a deal-breaker; the kid is our best corner.

I want us to draft two safeties early on. Cyprien in the 1st and Amerson or Thomas or Rambo in the 3rd. This year we start Whitner at SS and Cyprien at FS, but I envision a sort of FS by committee approach so we don't pile too much on a rookie. In some downs and situations, Cyprien will sit and Dahl might come in or we'll throw out Rogers, Asomugha, Culliver, Brown, and Whitner together. Our 3rd round pick (Amerson/Thomas/Rambo) will play mostly special teams and provide depth. I also have us drafting a CB in round 2 (Hayden/Webb/Alford/Slay)

Beginning next year when Whitner is gone, our full-time starting safeties will by Cyprien at SS and Amerson/Thomas/Rambo at FS. We can then reevaluate our corner situation. We'll have two young studs in Culliver and Hayden/Webb/Alford/Slay. We'll have some experienced vets in Cox and Brown, and we'll have some aging vets we could bring back in Asomugha and Rogers.
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