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Football Gameplan's 2013 April Fools Mock Draft

Good morning Niner fans! Here's my April Fools mock draft video


Some of this is hilarious. I especially liked the reasons why Leslie Frazier was smiling.

If Peyton Manning wants you to order some hot and steamy Papa John's pizza, then goddamn it, you WILL order some Papa John's pizza!!
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Sam Gordon FTW
Shots at LaMichael James LOL
I love MC Hammer to the Cardinals. Best LT on the board, has great footwork lololol.
Theres no doubt that the modern that a player has to be able to dribble, pass and generally kick with both feet. Truth be told there is only a limited number of professional players that can use both feet effectively. Being able to use both feet will give you as a player the added edge needed to make the next level. This article shows you how you can effectively improve your weak and foot.
lol that was pretty good
niners are going to draft 6-8 britteny griner to be their red zone recevier
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