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Hunter vs James

Originally posted by KegBert:
Am I the only one that thinks Hunter can be an effective full time back? He's very similar in size to MJD, not quite as stalky but not "small" either. Plus with LMJ's getting carries too it's not like he's gonna have to tote it 35 times a game. IMO, Hunter is the heir apparent to Gore at the moment.

No you aren't the only one. With Gore though I like the approach of giving the running plays an even distribution. Keeps them more healthy and rested. We got a swiss army knife of a running game. A three headed beast as it stands. Plus it's always a good thing to try and prolong Gore's career while building the younger guys career's.

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Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by spizzy:
Is there any chance the eagles would be interested in trading for james?

why in the world would you even entertaining this idea? why would you trade him and why am i wasting my time?

Because Gore has 2-3 years left it seems and Hunter looks like the lead back of the future. Not saying we SHOULD do it, just wondering if we could get a good deal from his old college coach. I think LMJ seems to be a tad overrated on this board. He has shown he can be a good complimentary back but I just don't think he could handle rotating with Hunter on a regular basis in the future. Dude is tiny. But I would love to be proven wrong
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