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Less Snaps for our D-Line next year??

Originally posted by KK49:
absolutely right,,, there is no way he weighs less than I williams... and Ian is listed 303 or something... Dorsey looks huge... bigger than the cowboy..

...and...there is no way that Ian Williams is still at 303. I'm sure he is probably at 315-320 after a year in an NFL weight room.
Originally posted by xtm059:
if there wasnt a white guy in this picture I could see someone getting upset

Let us not forget gentlemen, that both Justin Smith and Aldon Smith were ineffective at the end of last season because they were hurt. Justin had the bone chips in the elbow which frayed the tendon (ouch!) and Aldon, even though he didn't say anything, had a bad shoulder which also required surgery. If either one is healthy, the Niners win the SB IMHO...
Bringing in guys like Carradine (probably limited to pass rusher role his rookie year), Dial (though probably inactive on game days until the end of the season), and Dorsey (definitely big enough to play Soap's old role) were all solid choices. Let us just hope that the Smith brothers can stay healthy this year.
nw9er, all true, but remember, a professional player is a lot more likely to get injured when excessively tired than when not. I am not talking about being tired at the end of the game, I am talking about the kind of tired one gets when taking on two 300+ players every single play...and sometimes there were 3. Sure it works good as far as allowing others to get to the QB because of the gang blocking on justin....and Aldon to some extent, but that is when an athlete is at his most vulnerable....when he is completely worn down and playing on instinct energy. I like our 3-4, 4-3 4-2-5, or whatever else you wish to call it. But not blitzing and using the 3-4, defeats the purpose of the 3-4(it hides where the other passrusher is coming from), and since that isn't in fangio's bag of D tricks, it looks like a 4-3 would be a better D for our guys.

IF we had 2 Justins, or better 3, heck yeah, play 3-4. But what we all saw last yr was a bull that was injured... playing anyway. And his brother, Aldon, ALSO playing hurt. No matter how you slice it, DC and HC have to take the load off those two guys. He is just asking too much of two incredible football players, and as we saw, both wore down and both got hurt before season ended. I could make a case right now for the 4-3...with the 3-4 used occasionally, the 4-2-5, heck, maybe a 4-4-3. Whatever , for the sake of winning, I just don't see either justin or aldon making it thru the season playing majority 3-4. Time has come to readjust the 3-4 and fangio can call it whatever he wants. He just needs to give justin less double teams and same goes for Aldon. Incidentally, looking back at later season films, when Aldon got doubled, he was way less effective. Probably hurt, but ineffective. Coach Fangio, Coach H, time to rethink the D scheme. The beating Justin takes just isn't worth it.
Sure. We were basically playing a 4-3 because 75% of the time Aldon had pass rush assignments. SO we were playing a 4-3 with a stand up elephant rushing the passer 75% of the time. If Lemonier can actually work out spelling Aldon, he can be a lot more versatile. He's light enough to cover, or blitz. SO end result, people might have to lay off the Justin 2ble teams because they can't read the scheme so easy and will be in a more read-first mind set. The point is that we need rookies to contribute snaps (2-400) and keep the bison from 2ble teaming justin 90% of assignments.
Estamos en acuerdo. Agreed.
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