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Darcel McBath back, 1yr deal according to Maiocco

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i dont get this move, we have a ton of backup Safeties. (Trenton Robinson, CJ Spillman, Dahl, Thomas, Taylor and now McBath) talk about competition.

Taylor? Who is this Taylor you speak of.

you must be a new fan
This McBath dude was highly touted back in the 09' Draft. He was projected to be a 2nd round choice by some. Maybe with the right coaching, he'll become a steady player for us. I still re,e,mber that huge fake FG stop in the SB, we still lost but it was a heads up play nice on McBaths part.
If it were upto me,we'd draft 2 Safetys and just have: Whitner, Spillman, 2 rooks, and Dahl.. I wouldnt have signed Dahl tho, but hey he's here now. The Mc. Baths, Thomas' and Taylors of the world need to be flushed off the roster.
GOLDSON WHO!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMFG!
Originally posted by defenderDX:
you must be a new fan

Im not a new fan and didnt know who he was talking about because currently there is no taylor on the team.
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