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Do the 49ers need to get younger?

In general I'd say no. Although we all know we need to peg eventual replacements for Cowboy and Goodwin. And whether it's due to age or not is debatable, but our secondary is going to see a significant make-over over the next two seasons.

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Vicaro and Eifert 2013!
Not worried.

We'll be looking for Justins replacement this year. Franks replacement may already be on the roster. The O-Line is YOUNG.

We have 14 draft picks.

This team will always have an aging player or 2 because they seek them out every single year because they play cheap.

Here is the bottom line tho....

The QB is 25. LBs are all young. #1 WR is young. O-Line is young.

Niners will be contenders for a long, long time. Anyone wanting to write them off as "old" are suffering from wishful thinking.
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That's what we've been doing thru the draft.

We have a very good mix of seasoned vets who are on the way out and being replaced by quality players drafted out of college. Occasionally we get an vet or 3 but we have successfully built a team for the future and are continuing that process.

With 14 pick, some of which will be used fr future drafts, we'll continue along that line.

Trent is doing a fine job. ESPECIALLY if he doesn't listen to some of the people in the Zone who want to morgage the franchise on 1 or 2 players like Revis.
I think the Niners are in good players age, Baalke's done a good job of infusing talented youth. Case in point, our backfield...Gore's 30, but with Hunter and LMJ on board and Hampton waiting for his chance, we're in good shape. Ditto OL...Goodwin's the only one with age, but Kilgore & Looney are ready to take over when Harbaugh feels it's time. This year's draft is key for the Justin Smith nears becoming a senior (in NFL life span), now's the time to draft his eventual replacement, which I trust Baalke will do. We're in good hands (sorry, Allstate)...
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