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49ers signed LB Dan Skuta to a two-year contract.

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Originally posted by BayArea:
I still feel like Revis is destined to end up here. At least I want him to.

Originally posted by mayo49:
Originally posted by BayArea:
I still feel like Revis is destined to end up here. At least I want him to.

I know I know.... but why do I want him on the roster so bad? lol it just feels right.
Will be interesting if he is the 4th ILB or 5th. Personally, for the 3rd spot I sign either, Grant or Gooden. Whoever is cheaper since we already have 95 mil in our starting ILBs. If they want to much then I'd go with Wilhoite. If Willis or Bowman would go down we could always picks someone up if we weren't happy with the 3rd ILB. Either way glad they realized their mistake and that it's ok to have one guy who is just a ST ace. We have enough versatile guys; not every player has to be versatile.
Originally posted by xela510:
We need to make a big move to keep up with the Seahawks, not sign a special teams player

No we don't. We make smart moves that make us better but don't hurt us financially a couple years down the road. Our moves should be base on our weaknesses not what another team is doing. Kick coverage was a need so we addressed. Dline and Secondary will most likely be address in FA and early in the draft.
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I think I am excited about this signing the most so far.
Thoughts from a few Bengals fans: Sounds like they think he is a good to great ST player but their team needs a starting ILB (or good backups) so he really isn't what they need. On the other hand we have two starting ILB's so we are fine with him just being a good ST player and he's our re-do on the Blake Costanzo mistake.

Great ST'er. I would have been glad to see him back with the Bengals.

On the plus side, he's great on ST. In the negative side, he's worse than Mualauga on D. Always taking horrible angles

He's a nice special teams player, but not much of a LB.

Yeah, he's very replaceable if you ask me. Finding a quality STer like him can be done via UDFA

ESPN had a free agency preview show Tuesday with Bill Parcells and Bill Polian. Parcells mentioned Skuta as one of his sleepers, said he was a top notch special teamer who was a decent fill in LB.
Good sign...needed to shore up our special teams for decent Kicker from F.A. or the draft and we are more better.
I honestly had no idea who this guy was. But, if he can improve the ST, I'm all for it. Let's roll!
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Scutaro = championship

Bill Walsh, you ain't. What a waste of a great name; try a new one, Dr_ Bruce_Bochy.
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a wise much needed signing. a beast on special teams, can play backer and not hurt you and can play fullback. sounds like another bruce miller blue collar blue shirt player we really need. great under the radar, non sexy signing. those are the little things that make up the big picture, we have seen what happens when we ignore or pooh pooh special teams
Man enough with the Revis talk already. That name taints almost every thread. Dude wants 15 mil off a knee surgery and we give up a 1st round pick???[b][b] NOT HAPPEN[/b]ING[/b]
This front office does not mess around.

Need another WR opposite Crabs? Done.
Need DL depth? Done
Need to bolster the special teams coverage? Done.

Next: place kicker, defensive backfield, second TE. And more pass rushers please.
Good special teamer, our st was unacceptable last year
everything i have heard from about him has been positive
Still looking for a cheaper version of Constanzo I see....