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So how many niner fans will become Chefs fans now

In light of the great one being traded Im sure some niner "fans" will change teams now.
I will definitely try and catch some Chiefs games this year and I will root for Alex.
Chefs make good food.

I am a fan.
Not changing teams , but adding KC as a side team.

Never had a problem with them.
Jakemall is a Chief fan now
well definitely as long as the conditional pick is involved. Kinda like when we had Carolina's 1st, we all had extra incentive to root against them.

On a personal note, growing up in Colorado, I hate the Broncos, so rooting for the Chiefs will be no problem, other than when they play us, of course.
Originally posted by RogueStout:
Chefs make good food.

I am a fan.

This, I am a fan of eating good food.
Susweel, you still think we should release Alex?
no f**kin chance in hell but i will be pulling for alex to smash the raiders chargers and broncos twice a year two of them because they are CA teams who have ignorant loudmouthed fans and denver because peyton manning is the new brett favre. plus we get better compensation if alex does well there. that being said, i hope we pound KC into the dust if we ever face them. goodluck to alex tho, his stay here was rough but it was hard not to like the guy for persevering and bettering himself every year
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Jakemall is a Chief fan now

2nd favorite team. Still won't buy their jerseys...but you read that and still made that accusation.
Not happy with this one.