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Baalke playing russian roulette

The 49ers are so tight against the cap that Baalke can't franchise Goldson because of Alex Smith's contract. If Baalke can't trade Alex Smith and losses Goldson in the process he will look very foolish.
patience young grasshoppa
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Jeebus . . . I hope Baalke realizes this. We've only been talking about it for about five months . . . sarcasm
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This is a slight concern. There's a better chance than I assumed Goldson won't be franchised.
i dont see the problem here. you try to trade smith and if you cant you cut him. i am a huge fan of alex smith and even i know it wont be the end of the world if we dont get a mid rounder for him or get to choose the team he goes to.
I'm not too sure that he will be tagged.
Too much drama.

Trent is WAYYYYYYY t smart.
signing Goldson should be his #1 concern.. all pro player vs 2nd string qb..who would you take care of first
We are going to see a big cap savings no matter what we decide to do with Alex because he will not be back also will see decent savings from Akers and a couple of others. They will hopefully sign Goldson long term and find a very good DB in free agency and fill the gaps with all those draft picks we will have.

Who's to say that even if they had the cap space that they would even franchise Goldson, again? Maybe they feel like some of us feel and that Goldson just isn't worth the money he's asking for.
Matt Maiocco just tweeted that sources say 9ers are leaning towards not using the franchise tag on Goldson. In the article, it states that the 9ers and Goldson are "not believed" to be close to an agreement. Hopefully we can get something done. I fear we are getting rid of the wrong safety.
What if we tag Smith instead
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The Foles to KC rumors are BS especially if you get a Qb who was top 3 in Qb rating before being benched. When all said and done we will probably get KCs 2nd round pick and a conditional 3 to 5th next year. KC makes out with a day one starting tackle and a capable QB and if they keep Bowe they can push to take wildcard in AFC from Indy or Cincy (don't think Smith will take division from Payton)

We get 2 picks on top 33 spots and 2 of 3 in a row a DL in 1st and WR in second round. I think CB will be addressed on FA since we need a #1 guy and that late in the draft your not getting a Patrick Peterson. We could even use that extra number 2nd round to package for Revis. Jets have 2 #1 corners and not much else talent wise.
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