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Epic Beard Man Reacts to 49ers Super Bowl Loss

here is Epic Beard Man's reaction to the 49ers loss:

or watch here:

That sucked.

And for the record, Epic Beard Man is from Oakland, and an A's and Raiders fan . As noted on his hat, and him getting kicked out from the coliseum a few years back lol
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yeah, but Epic Beard Man visits the North Beach in SF a lot and in that video he is actually in North Beach I think..
the f**k did i just watch
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
the f**k did i just watch

I think it was a drunk person with a IQ in the single digits.
Makes no sense, none at all … but my God it is funny as hell …
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Oh man.. That entire EBM saga was hilarious. From the bus fight to the following interviews.

That was some great stuff. I think the guys name was "Michael". Who tried to label EBM as a racist and then tried to thug-life a 70 year old and got clowned.
parking lot thread, IMO.
I go to play one round of golf and you snuck this in...

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