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Who would you prefer to be behind Frank Gore on the depth chart?

Who would you prefer to be behind Frank Gore on the depth chart?

Originally posted by ElephantHaley:
Kendall Hunter is Gor'es replacement. This is Gore's last ride 2013 then he'll ride of into the Sunset. Anyone else notice in the Super Bowl on the Final drive when Gore ran off that 32 yard run that he asked to come out of the game?? I wish we woulda kept him in there and playcationed passed to VD or Delanie since Crabs was doubled on the 1st down play
Gore has done this a lot the last couple of years. He has to know they needed him in there for the next couple of plays. He is one of the few backs that calls himself off the field. He does it to offten in my book.
Hunter is a beast
k. hunter
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Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Boobie Dixon

I'm all for Boobie to get the shot. He's a big, strong powerful back with a burst & speed. He will beat down those linebackers!
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Can I go 2A and 2B here? To me the whole situation is a darn running hydra. All three could be on the field together with Kaep and heaven forbid, Harvin. Defend that damn headache NFL!

I like that.

Also, if Hunter is healthy, he's number 2. People have short memories around here.
hunter and james should both be on the field at the same time if gore comes off the field.
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For the record, I expect their to be competition for the top RB spot, and the odds are Frank Gore will win it. I just don't think it will be an automatic assumption any more. Most likely the politics will say that he start the game, and then the number of carries will go to the most effective back.

Also, I think Kendall Hunter is more likely than LMJ of being an every down back. I don't think we need to draft a replacement for Gore - the replacement is already on the roster.
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The truly awesome thing about Hunter is he built a 5.2 yards per carry season with his longest run being only 26 yards. He's not like a Chris Johnson where he either breaks a huge run or gets stuffed at the line. He is just so consistent at getting the offense into great yardage to go situations and grinding down the defense 5-10 yards at a time..

PFF did a great article that really highlights how brilliant he is for us. They take every RB's carries and put a cap at 10 yards per attempt, since anything other than that starts to inflate their yards per carry. Kendall Hunter ranked top in the league for their adjusted yards per carry by a wide margin:
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