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Who would you prefer to be behind Frank Gore on the depth chart?

Who would you prefer to be behind Frank Gore on the depth chart?

According to NFL Trade Rumors, Kendall Hunter figures to be the #2 back behind Gore in the depth chart over James, despite the injury. Seeing what James can do, he gives us a speed dimension to complement Gore's physical presence and Kaep's athleticism.

Where would that put Hunter? He is good for short yardage situation and goal line situation.

With this quality in depth, who would you place behind Gore?
Boobie Dixon
Hunter backs up Gire, hopefully James becomes our third down back. Someone we can motion out, run screens to, etc......
Hunter, but still have James involved in the offense.
Kendall Hunter is Gor'es replacement. This is Gore's last ride 2013 then he'll ride of into the Sunset. Anyone else notice in the Super Bowl on the Final drive when Gore ran off that 32 yard run that he asked to come out of the game?? I wish we woulda kept him in there and playcationed passed to VD or Delanie since Crabs was doubled on the 1st down play
How about both?
When healthy Hunter is simply the better more complete back.
Hunter is better than james
Lamichael!!! Dude looks promising! Rotate him and hunter
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Hunter, but still have James involved in the offense.


The only issue will be how Hunter returns. No doubt about it he should be Gore's backup, but a torn achilles is nothing to play with. So many players lose their explosiveness and that is one thing with Hunter that he counts on. He hits top gear right away and will put some guys on their ass. LaMichael will be part of this offense though because he adds the "Sproles" dimension to this offense. He blocks well, is really fast, quick and can catch too.
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LMJ has absolutely no power
Hunter has more power than James at this point of their careers. Both are small and I don't really know if they can take the pounding game after game and year after year on a full time basis. Quality running backs can be found in later rounds, if they are looking for more size. Maybe Booby?
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As far as I am concerned, I don't think it is a given that Gore will be on the top of the depth chart next year. He will have to earn the starting job, and may the best RB win.
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