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What a spectacular 2 yrs... How lucky we are.

Who's records are those??
how lucky are we to piss away two superbowl winning years in a row while we were at the door step of our new dynasty. so lucky
C'mon, Honda, you have no idea what the 80s and 90s were like. We won 5, but lost as many, and each yr after a loss I was morose for months, until TC started again. This is nothing. This is like BW and Joe's third yr, when we went 2-14, 6-10, and then won it all 3rd yr. Even better was that we were in most games we lost. But come playoff time, it was gut wrenching to get knocked out. The worst was when Jim Burt hit joe between the 1 and 6, knocking him out of the game. We lost ,giants won, and that was it. We had about 5 of those. So right now, coming close twice, unexpectedly no less... heck Honda, the glass is definitely half full. If Kap and JH turn out half as good as BW and Joe, we may be in for another run like that. Honestly, we just made too many mistakes, and as my good friend cc pointed out, it was coaching , coaching , coaching. BW had a play for every possible scenario. Maybe two. Why? Because he had seen it all before , under the long tutelage of Paul Brown and when GOAT took over, it was like the lights went on. I think JH is just a gnat's eyelash away from that, parity be damned...and same goes for Kap.

One thing for sure. JH is going to have to be his own OC, much like BW, and go ahead and have his OC to help out, but getting right down to it, HC has to be the OC. And, as we saw, JH was good , but not good enough. He hadn't seen enough yet. Well, he has gotten one helluva education the last 2 seasons. But he still needs more...lots more, if he wants the SB and then wants to contend every yr. It can be done. Coach Walsh and Joe did it. Right now feels like that, except I think we have a better team NOW than we did during that amazing run. So get ready, guys. The 9ers shall rise again.
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i think the fact that we pissed away two damn near gauranteed superbowl wins is whats the most annoying. i just cant be happy about losing this close. and i do remember the 90s vividly, was born in 87. the fact that stupid mistakes gave the championship game to the giants the year before and this year we started slow in every playoff game and made stupid mistakes and ridiculous playcalling errors on 1st and goal is pretty hard to accept. this team is good but they are not there mentally. or they have huge mental lapses at the worst times. i hope they get their s**t together next year and win because teams dont get huge championship windows like the one we have right now. our offense looks to be together a few years and theyre all you but on defense we have some aging key pieces and the fact that we have so many excellent players makes it harder to keep championship teams together because money talks. am i happy were not bottom dwellers anymore? ofcourse, but we have to capitalize on our strength and bring a championship home before im gonna be really excited about this team. they had all the tools, especially last year but mental mistakes by coaches and players cost us big time
Exactly honda, exactly. Mistakes, by coaches or players....put it on the coaches. Almost always. And in truth, we didn't deserve to win either yr. Coach H is our answer to 20-30 yrs ago with BW. He is young, almost won twice, and BW won 2-14, 6-10, and then sB. So hang in there, we have to get the coaching way better. Don't get me wrong , I love our HC. Fangio has been disappointing during some games, roman the same. But most of all, JH and Kap have to get more experience, as lack of experience killed our chances to win. The last 4 plays of the sB tell the tale. BW would have had 4 plays on the tip of his tongue to go right away. That will come for JH, but he has to learn, and winning while learning ain't all that bad. I sat in Stanford stadium with my brother and watched our DL and OL maul Miami, and joe picked them apart. I sat with my dad at Joe Robbie and was at the 15 yrd line watching joe cool everybody off with 2 mins and 85 yrds to go. And he, Rice and #82 beat the bengals...again. But joe was at the top of his game, and BW was way above whoever was in 2nd place. John harbaugh is a great coach too, and unfortunately we played his team. That WAS ravens last shot. Now we get 5-6 maybe 7-8 yrs of good shots, but honda, we ain't gonna win them all.

Right now you now we can't cover deep, esp a guy 6'5". We gotta fix that. We gotta improve PK. We gotta have one DL, one OL, and 2 WRs.,. and they all have to be legit starters. Then we gotta fix STs, and i mean fix them for permanent. Then we gotta pray that JH has seen and learned enough to coach a SB out of these guys. Trust me, we got more potential talent on this team than on the old 9ers of joe and jerry and Bill(excluding them) But that potential has to be coached out. I am very pleased with baalke, who has seemingly made one misplay, and that was AJ at #1. Maybe also i am wrong about him and in a yr he comes back as the incarnation of jerry rice. Probably not, but Jim and trent have made very few errors and i expect AJ has something to show us. Still we got holes, and they showed the SB. Biggest hole was coaching inexperience, but remember, John H and flacco have been to post season 5 times. Do that often enough, eventually you see it all. And that is the way he looked....unlike our coaching staff, which just wasn't good enough. Very, very good. But not good enough to beat experienced QB and HC. Next yr i feel we will be closer, but honda, unlike you, I think our run goes and goes. Maybe 8 yrs, maybe more. Just like in the good old days, we were right there for 10 yrs and lost half of them. But we won half too, and that ain't bad. Talk about gut wrenching....when you are right there for 10-12 yrs, those yrs we lost in that made me sick, because we WERE the best team out there...and yet we lost half of those yrs.

Cheer up my man, we are just getting started. You want to know the difference between then and now. OCs then : Shanahan, Holmgren. OC now: Roman. There is the big difference . Somewhere in there was andy reid. We got an OC and DC that are as green as JH...and that is a big part of the problem. My hope is one day, Coach H has a SB decision to make and he blurts out 3 great choices. That is the BW way. I hope that will be the JH way. Stay tuned, stay hopeful. Man we are light yrs ahead of 2/3 of this league. The other 1/3....they can beat anybody on any given sunday...and that is just a fact.
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