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Tarrel Brown

Right now, he's the best corner on the team.
Originally posted by GNielsen:
Right now, he's the best corner on the team.

And that's not saying much .
Brown has been the best corner on the team since he was drafted. What we are paying Rogers is a joke. Brown is a 5 mill per year guy and Rogers is a 3.5 mill a year guy.

I would love to have Revis at a 12 mill per year deal and Brown at a 5 mill per year....add Gohlson in the backfield and we are set.
He's been our most consistent corner other than against Julio Jones.
Originally posted by Harkonnenzombie:
Should consider re-signing him very soon because the longer they wait the more expensive he will be. Not sure but I think he has 2 more yrs left on his contract.

only one year left.
He had the best SBowl game of anyone in the secondary
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
I actually remember this guy getting a little hype coming out of Texas and was said to have fallen in the draft only because of character concerns. Not sure if that's the case, but he definitely has a future on the team.

A little hype???

Tarrel Brown was considered the best corner in the country before his off field incident that got him suspended for the Ohio State game between two top ten teams.

As a matter of fact...I remember vividly that people questioned whether or not Texas would still win without Brown on the field on defense.

He was always considered a top flight prospect...the "character issues" caused an inexcusable drop and I was estatic when we took him in round 5. One of the steals of that draft.
I was stoked when we drafted him, dude was awesome at Texas.
If Goldson hadn't laid him out in the championship game last year we would've gone to the super bowl.
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