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Tarrel Brown

Starting to come into his own. His name gets called in what seems like every game. seems to have more ints than he does for some reason but he makes plays. Albeit he does get beat sometimes but I think he is our best CB

The forced fumble and recovery he had on ray rice in the SB was brilliant. we needed it big time and he came through. thats what im looking for in a player and i hope the niners are too. Whatever changes we make in our secondary this offseason, I hope we can keep Him
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T Brown is legit. which surprises me cause i never though he would amount to much.
I would rock his jersey
Didn't he only give up a couple of TD's all year?
Always been loving T. BROWN. Torrey Smith was on lockdown on the left side.
He's a baller. Probably our best corner. He was slow to react on a duck that Flacco lofted to Pitta that could have been picked, but other than that I can't complain much.
loved that fumble and recovery on Ray Rice
I actually remember this guy getting a little hype coming out of Texas and was said to have fallen in the draft only because of character concerns. Not sure if that's the case, but he definitely has a future on the team.
Originally posted by boast:
T Brown is legit. which surprises me cause i never though he would amount to much.

My same thought. Couldn't agree more.
Should consider re-signing him very soon because the longer they wait the more expensive he will be. Not sure but I think he has 2 more yrs left on his contract.

All I know is that T Brown was by far the Niners' best DB in the SB... He was terrific in that game.
T.Brown >>> Carlos Rogers
Brown started all 16 games in 2012, just as he did in 2011. En route to the Super Bowl, Brown notched 57 tackles, 14 pass deflections, and two interceptions, while grading out as Pro Football Focus' No. 13 corner in the regular season. San Francisco had one of the top defensive backfields all season long, but after getting exposed by Joe Flacco, they're expected to address it this offseason.

That's legit. We don't hear his name called very often because he's doing his job well!
I feel like the zone has been hating on his most of this season. I personally like him and culliver and people here are baggin on our secondary. The only thing I think we lack is that shutdown corner that we thought Nate was going to be.
Was that supposed to be 9 picks this year? While he has become solid I would just need to say that he needs to shut up and play.
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