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The Official "Don't get MAD, get EVEN!" Thread

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
I' went to work today. I live in LA so I don't have anyone to confide in.

So far i've igored anyone that attempts to talk about the game. Straight up ignored. If its not about work, i haven't said a word. People are catching on. I've probably uttered five words since the three hours i've been here.

The hardest was my lebonese co-worker coming up to me with his fingers saying, MAN, your were THIS CLOSE!"

I wanted to cry. He realized it and left me alone.

Feel ya....I had to go entertain for a business superbowl party...everyone dressed up in Purple.
Surprisingly, I'm not even mad. Still feel like we got some unfinished business.
I have a faider friend, that was talking s**t non stop. his reasoning was that niners have been flaunting all season, so hes playing "karma god". I was like" dude, the faiders f'n suck balls...its like a retarded kid(raider fan) talking s**t to another kid for getting second place in a spelling bee..its just absurd."
Disagree.... If I were to talk to the team right now, I'd say...."You should be f**king pissed you didn't win this game"...

"Take that anger into next season and take it out on all of your opponents..."
this is how i got even:

"At least our coach didn't throw the SB"
I live in "Steeler Country" and they already are bragging about their "Stairway to Seven" campaign again! Worse fans in the league & the least loyal when their team blows. They claimed they'll win in 2013 too. SMH

I didn't receive much crap from any of them though. Cause we handed them their ass in 2011. One said the typical "How 'bout them Niners?" response "How's it really feel to lose to the Browns? Really?" The dude didn't know what to say to something that simple of a comeback. lol

Good thing is I work in a department with a Saints fan, Cowboys fan, Bills fan & Browns fan. Non of which run their mouths about our team. Pretty easy to deal with. haha

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