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Which single aspect excluding the superbowl will you take from the season as a whole?

The one thing I will take is that we have bonafied franchise QB.
Originally posted by socalniner:
Our defense can be exposed.

This was the biggest surprise for me, Kaepernick was known to be good but I was surprised he was that good.

1: Defensive problems (injuries may have been largely underestimated--especially J Smith's)
1a: Kaepernick being able to pass from the pocket effectively.
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Not surprised, but the fact we got outcoached on O, D, and STs, plus our QB was not ready for the big time. Don't get me wrong, i love our team, Kap, JH, but our OC DC, and HC along wth Kap were completely outcoached or outplayed by baltimore. Again, not a surprise, but that is what I take away with me for the last two yrs. I don't want a different qb, HC, but I wouldn't be surprised to see roman or fangio gone. Hopefully they learned a lot too, but these two games , Giants and ravens just show how far JH , Kap et al have to go to make it to big time. Took flacco and john harbaugh 5 trips to playoffs to get SB win. Bet it takes us less. But our guys gotta learn from all their mistakes, and to do that I am in favor of roman helping during the week, but have JH call plays on Sun. For fangio, if we play a 3-4, blitz for crying out loud . That is the idea of the dang 3-4. You don't know where the 5th guys is coming from. On the 5 yd line that makes a big difference...just ask Kap...who if ever in that situation again, hopefully changes to a running play instead of pass into a balz to the walz all out blitz.
What a difference a great coach makes … and of course his best choice - capturing the Kaep!
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